About Us

Blevimart is a company that deals basically with a business model that gives customers an opportunity to select products and pay for them within a given time frame after which they get delivery of the contributed products. Over the years, Blevimart has evolved as a major player in the industry delivering quality and standard products to customers across the breadth and width of the nation. Our major comparative advantage lies in our transparency, value-driven, and customer-centric policies.


In order to boost customers’ confidence, Blevimart innovated a partnership model that ensures that marketers are stakeholders in the company. With that arrangement, every staff or marketer sees himself as a partner and therefore contributes his best in ensuring customers’ satisfaction. This new innovation in service delivery puts Blevimart above other competitors in the industry as we have a unique service delivery that is highly value-oriented.
Blevimart model of service delivery ensures that customers receive great value for their money as our partners are in your neighborhood to attend to your needs. With Blevimart model, you do not need to enter any office before you would be served, we rather bring our office to your doorstep. Every partner is trained specially to represent the company wherever and whenever; therefore removing the stress of going to the office when in need of making inquiries.


Blevimart designs a top-notch organogram in order to remove bottlenecks in communication. For any problem you may encounter in dealing with us, there is someone either at the Local Government, State, or even at the central level to solve it.
We also have an affiliation network of technocrats who offer professional expertise in different fields to ensure seamless operation. Welcome to Blevimart, the home of quality product delivery.


No 46 New Market Rd. Onitsha Anambra State Nigeria
Phone: 09039945450
Email: contact@blevimart.com


Monday to Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: 9am-4pm


You can send us a message through the form and our customer care will contact you.